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Magical Zanzibar Island

This little charming island on the Indian Ocean is located off the coast of mainland Tanzania, and it is also very famous with visitors. The island was voted Africa’s leading beach destination at The 2021 World Travel Awards. Zanzibar App helps you discover the best things to do in Zanzibar.

Popular Places in Zanzibar Island

Why Visit Zanzibar Island?

Anyone who wants to holiday in Zanzibar knows exactly why: white beaches, a turquoise-blue sea and the mysterious scent of spice plantations in the air – all this is Zanzibar, the magical spice island off the east coast of Africa. The archipelago in the Indian Ocean was already a thriving trading center half a century ago. Cinnamon, pepper, ginger and other spices attracted traders and adventurers from all over the seaport of Zanzibar. The magnificent architecture of Stone Town, the historic old town of Zanzibar City, still tells of this magnificent past.

Highlights in Zanzibar